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The sweet science of boxing demands discipline, sacrifice and a killer work ethic. Learn about the workout routines, eating plans, training tips and techniques from top boxers who know what it takes to the be the best.

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Why Myles Garrett Models Himself After Muhammad Ali

Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett explains why Muhammad Ali is one of his biggest role models, both as a competitor and as a person.

Cam Newton Discusses the Profound Impact Muhammad Ali Had on Him

NFL MVP Cam Newton talks about how Muhammad Ali shaped him as an athlete and person following the legendary boxer's death.

Training Drills with Professional Fighters Uriah and Shad

Get a behid-the-scenes look at how professional fighters Uriah and Shad train for big competitions.

Training with NFL Defensive Tackle Tyson Jackson and Pro Boxer Victor Ortiz

Who trains harder, professional boxer or NFL defensive tackle? Find out when we go behind the scenes with boxer Victor Ortiz and lineman Tyson Jackson.

The STACK Rundown // New Unis for the US Women's National Soccer Team, "Rubber City" LeBron 12s and Jake Gyllenhaal's Insane Workout

In this week's epsiode of the STACK Rundown, we admire the USWNT's new World Cup uniforms and check out Jake Gyllenhaal's movie training.

The STACK Rundown // Jordan Eclipse, LeBron 12 "Wheat" and a Boxer's Cell Phone Mishap

In this week's STACK Rundown, we take a look at the new Jordan Eclipse, check out the LeBron 12 "Wheat," and find out what happens when you take a cell phone into the boxing ring.

Professional Boxer Victor Ortiz's Full-Body Training Routine

Boxer Victor Ortiz shares the full-body conditioning circuit he uses to build endurance and power.

FMX Rider Brian Deegan Focuses By Hitting Some Mitts

FMX godfather and general of the Metal Mulisha, Brian Deegan, works on both his mental focus and physical conditioning by hitting the focus mitts during his training routine, while trainer Charles Dao explains some helpful tips for boxing.

Kelly Pavlik's Workout

Middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik describes the seven-hour training days he endures in the months leading up to a fight.

Kelly Pavlik's Championship Diet

Middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik dishes on the regimen that helps him maintain his weight and stay energized during his pre-fight training.