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Myles Garrett Quells Health Concerns by Leg Pressing an Absurd Amount of Weight

A sprained foot caused Myles Garrett to miss some time during the Cleveland Browns' recent OTAs. The good news is that he appears to be doing just ...

By: Brandon Hall

How to Improve Athleticism With Sand Workouts

Sand training can be a powerful training modality for enhancing performance when used correctly. Sand plyomtetrics and jump training has been show to...

By: Erick Avila

Improve Leg Strength With the Swiss Ball Leg Press

It is obvious the leg press is one of those exercises that are most debated. If your main goal it to load up your quad size through hypertrophy, this is...

By: Kelvin King Jr.

Why Single-Leg Exercises Are Crucial to Building Lower-Body Strength

Split Squats and Lunges are often labeled "sissy" exercises. At worst, they're deemed suitable only for chicks strutting around on the gym floor rocking...

By: Yunus Barisik

J.R. Smith Once Single-Leg Pressed 585 Pounds a Few Weeks After Knee Surgery

Cleveland Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith suffered a meniscus tear in 2013 while playing for the New York Knicks. He had surgery in July of that year, an...

By: Cameron Fields

6 Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Leg Day Again

"Friends don't let friends skip a leg day." Google this phrase and you will see a number of photos showing guys who have jacked upper bodies and twi...

By: Andy Haley

6 of the Worst Exercises for Men in Their 30s

Most the men I work with that are in their 30s are still trying to live life like they are in their 20s. They stay active and continue working out,...

By: Matt Tanneberg

This Common Workout Mistake is Ruining Your Posture And Stifling Your Performance

If you have a pull to match every push in your workout program, congratulations—you're already doing more than most people. But don't get too exc...

By: Brandon Hall

Chicago Bulls Forward Nikola Mirotic Has No Idea How to Do the Leg Press

Nikola Mirotic, the Chicago Bulls forward who burst onto the scene last year with his enormous beard and keen ability to stretch the defense with hi...

By: Jordan Zirm

In Defense of the Leg Press: How To Reap The Benefits Of This Controversial Exercise

The Squat is the ultimate lift for building lower-body strength and power. The alternatives? Pure garbage. Not worth a second of your time. If you're ...

By: Brandon Hall