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The sweet science of boxing demands discipline, sacrifice and a killer work ethic. Learn about the workout routines, eating plans, training tips and techniques from top boxers who know what it takes to the be the best.

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Boxing Workouts: Test your Conditioning with Heavy Bag Intervals

Boxing has been a favorite off season workout for many of the top athletes in the NFL, NBA, and MLB as a great way to get in shape for the up coming...

By: Erick Avila

Holiday Wish List 2015: Perfect Multi-Gym Pro

You can get a great workout at home with nothing but bodyweight exercises. However, back work is often lacking in home workouts, because you need a ...

By: Andy Haley

Get Strong Hands and Forearms With This Grip Strength Workout

Grip Strength Workout In the vast majority of sports, grip strength (to include hand strength, in general), plays a vital role to the athlete's overall...

By: Ryan Hoover

3 CrossFit WODs to Get in Shape Fast

CrossFit is perhaps one of the most talked about sports in the last couple of years, and as a result, it has yielded an explosion of gyms – known as...

By: Jennifer Britton

10 Single-Leg Exercises to Build Strength and Eliminate Imbalances

No matter what sport you play, leg strength plays a big role in your ability to perform; particularly individual leg strength due to the fact that most...

By: Andrew Meyers

Movie 'The Girl in the Spider's Web' In the Works

A follow-up to the big screen thriller The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is in the works. Surprisingly, it's not an adaptation of the sequel, The Girl...

By: SkywordNews

Is This New Cereal a Blatant Case of Deceptive Advertising?

Everyone loves protein. It helps you build muscle. It keeps you full. It supports your immune system. What's not to like? Many products marketed a...

By: Brandon Hall

Will Daniel Craig Return for Another Bond Film?

Following the impressive debut of Spectre, the latest James Bond film, franchise producer Michael G. Wilson is inspiring hope among fans that the lead...

By: SkywordNews

Jake Gyllenhaal Takes the Lead in Dramedy 'Demolition'

In the upcoming dramedy Demolition, Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Davis Mitchell, a successful and arrogant investment banker who struggles to cope with hi...

By: SkywordNews

The Reason Why Kristaps Porzingis Has Been a Put-Back Dunk Monster

New York Knicks rookie Kristaps Porzingis is surprising the NBA with his complete annihilation of put-back dunks. RELATED: What Should Kristaps Por...

By: Rob Scott