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How an Elite Club Volleyball Team Learned to Jump Higher Without Any Actual Jump Training

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11 NFL Players With Insane Vertical Jumps

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Hack Your Biology and Increase Your Vertical Jump With the Depth Drop to Box Jump

The best way to improve your vertical jump is by doing plyometric training. This type of training includes ballistic hops, skips and jumps that enh...

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Training High Fliers at Velocity Sports Performance

Vertical jump training focuses on three areas of the athlete: leg strength, leg contraction speed and force absorption to help keep landings safe. Learn about the three best exercises athletes can use to improve their vertical leap.

Develop Lower-Body Explosiveness With Athletes' Performance NFL Draft Class

See how top prospects for the 2010 NFL Draft perform the Keiser Squat with coaching by Mark Verstegen, founder and owner of Athletes' Performance in Phoenix.

Athletes' Performance NFL Combine Training

Wide receiver Golden Tate and top-ranked tight end Jermaine Gresham prep for the biggest job interview of their careers, the NFL Combine, at Athletes' Performance in Phoenix.

Candace Parker One-Step Box Jump

Los Angeles Sparks forward Candace Parker takes us through her One-Step Box Jump drill and explains how she's used it to get explosive enough to out-jump and out-rebound opponents in the WNBA.

Mike Boyle Single-Leg Linear Hurdle Hops

Harvard defensive back Andrew Berry performs Single-Leg Linear Hurdle Hops with coaching by Mike Boyle as part of his NFL Combine training.