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Does Sled Training Actually Develop Core Strength?

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How to Stretch After Sitting in Class All Day

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Regularly Change an Exercise's Angle for Better Long-Term Results

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Improve Hip Mobility With NFL RB Ryan Mathews

San Diego Chargers feature back Ryan Mathews performs a Scorpion exercise to improve hip mobilization, with coaching by corrective exercise specialist Scott Mitchell.

Core Activation With NFL RB Ryan Mathews

As part of his NFL Combine training, San Diego Chargers first-round selection Ryan Mathews performs a Core Activation series of Side Planks and Prone Cobras with coaching by corrective exercise specialist Scott Mitchell.

World's Greatest Stretch With Athletes' Performance NFL Draft Class

Education performance specialist Nick Winkelman takes the NFL Draft class at Athletes' Performance through the World's Greatest Stretch as part of the movement prep series.