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Why Doing Cardio After Your Lift Could Sabotage Your Strength Gains

Athletes want to be the Jack of all trades—conditioned, strong, fast and muscular. The problem is, it's tough to gain muscle and get in good cardiov...

Save Time and Make More Gains: Paired Set Training

One of an athlete's greatest limitations is time. With the demands of practices, skill work, sleep, school, etc., it can be hard to find an extra hour...

How You Can Build Muscle With Cardio Workouts

Bigger, stronger, faster – the universal desire of coaches and athletes. The Phase Potentiation model delivers on all three goals. It is implemented by...

Why Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte Is Giving Up Alcohol Before the Olympics

U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte is trying something new before this summer's Olympics: he's giving up drinking alcohol. Swimmers call giving up al...

How Drinking Alcohol Ruins Muscle Growth

Most of us are aware that alcohol dehydrates the body, ruins sleep and temporarily degrades the central nervous system. Alcoholic beverages contain ...

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The Ultimate Chest and Back Workout

Use these movements to build ultimate chest and back strength and muscle.

How Alabama Softball Builds Bat Speed and Hand Coordination with DB Bench

The University of Alabama softball team performs a Dumbbell Bench with coaching from head strength and conditioning coach Michelle Diltz.

Alabama Softball Hammer Series

The University of Alabama softball team performs the Hammer Back Series with coaching from head strength and conditioning coach Michelle Diltz.

How Dustin Pedroia Muscles Up

Boston Red Sox 2B Dustin Pedroia provides an overview of his off-season training program, which consists of him getting as strong as possible.

National Guard Four-Count Reverse Crunch

Increase core strength with instruction from Staff Sergeant Ken Weichert and the National Guard.