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3 Reasons Distance Runners Shouldn't Skip Strength Training

Distance runners often intuitively feel that the only way to improve running performance is to increase mileage and run more. Although this approac...

Best Plyometric Exercises for Soccer Players by Position

Soccer players are well known for their incredible endurance, running an average distance of six miles during a 90-minute match. However, the game is ...

WATCH: ESPN Sports Science Breaks Down Aaron Gordon's and Zach LaVine's Dunks, and the Results are Incredible

This year's NBA Dunk Contest was the most exciting one in years, mostly due to the emergence of two high-flying youngsters: Minnesota Timberwolves g...

Do's and Don'ts of a Pitcher's Off-Season Training Program

Pitchers are weird. Ask anybody who's trained pitchers. They'll provide you a detailed list of pitchers' strange mannerisms and quirky superstitio...

Breaking Down the 'Runner's High': Why Your Run Suddenly Becomes More Enjoyable

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Although many people begin running as a practical path to weight loss or fitness, for many it becomes a love affair as the mi...

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Triple Jump

3 hops into sand, 46 ft 5 inches

Long Jump

Long jump into sand soaring 22 ft 6 inches