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Kids Play Fewer 'Pick-Up Games,' and it's Hurting Youth Sports

Pick-up games. They used to be a staple in the lives of American children. Get a group of kids together, grab a ball, and go play. It was a sanctua...

Why a Wrestling Background Makes NFL Prospect Harrison Phillips a Nightmare For Offensive Linemen

Nose tackles aren't supposed to stuff the stat sheet. Tasked with lining up directly over the center, your typical nose tackle is chiefly concerned...

Can You Biohack Your Way to a Better Marathon?

Training for a marathon takes as much mental strength as physical ability, and anyone who has ever attempted the infamous 26.2 miles knows it takes nu...

5 Benefits of Cross Training for Runners and Athletes

If you're an active athlete, you probably have a particular physical specialty. You may be an excellent sprinter, a strong jumper, a fast swimmer. But...

New Study Reveals Whether Multi-Sport or Single-Sport Athletes Have a Better Chance For Success

"You've got to specialize if you want to be special." You may have heard similar sentiments before. However, a growing amount of research is findin...

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Shawn Porter Jab Cross Technique

Professional middleweight boxer Shawn Porter performs the Jab Cross Technique with coaching by his father Ken Porter.

Shawn Porter’s Pre-Fight Training Camp

In this boxing training video, Shawn Porter, professional middleweight boxer, goes through a pre-fight training camp with coaching by his father Ken Porter. Shawn Porter uses training to develop his speed and strength so he can dominate in the ring.

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