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A Simple Spit Test May Revolutionize How We Diagnose Concussions

Diagnosing the severity of a concussion could soon be as simple as collecting a swab of saliva. New research from Penn State University has found t...

3 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Body's Internal Clock (And Why It's Making You Feel Terrible)

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Study: Playing Sports May Make You Smarter

Buffalo Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick finished in the top 1% of his high school class and graduated from Harvard University with a degree in economics. ...

Study Finds Teen Sports Injuries Linked to Lack of Sleep

It is generally accepted that a healthy amount of sleep enhances brain function. But a new study, conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics ...

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Dallas Cowboys free safety Ken Hamlin talks about how important the mental side of football is for athletes.

Dr. Mickey Collins on Basic Concussion Facts

Dr. Mickey Collins, the Assistant Director of the Sports Medicine Concussion Program at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center discusses the basic facts of a concussion.