Kelvin King Jr.

Kelvin King Jr.

Kelvin King, Jr. is the owner of Creative Athletic Movements, a
 sports performance training business. He also serves as a sports performance specialist for St. Anslem’s Abbey School (Washington D.C.). King formerly served as an adjunct professor at Lancaster Bible College (Lancaster, Pa.), a sports performance specialist for the D.C. Breeze ultimate frisbee team, and as the strength and conditioning coach at Washington Bible
 College (Lanham, Md.), where he was responsible for the programming 
and physical development of the Cougars' men's basketball and women’s
 volleyball players. He also provides consultative advice to athletes
 and clients in the general population. King is NASM-PES, USAW Level 1, CrossFit 
Level 1, and YFS Level 1-certified. He has a Bachelor's degree in
 exercise science, health and fitness and physical education from Norfolk
 State University, and a Master's in public administration from Bowie
 State University. He is currently pursuing his Doctorate in Strategic and Organizational Leadership from Regent University.

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