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Do 20 Times More Than What You're Doing Now

Mark Divine is by no means typical. The retired Navy SEAL Commander joined America's most elite fighting force in his mid-20s, leaving behind a succ...

By: Dustin Brady

10 Extreme Tests of Your Mental Toughness

Mark Divine was at his breaking point. After five and a half days of sleep-deprived torture by the surf, Divine was singled out by a Navy SEAL ...

By: T.J. Murphy

School of Hard Knocks

Chief Austin Randolph knows the value of getting punched in the face. New Jersey National Guard Chief Randolph led the Guard's Combatives program...

By: Dustin Brady

Boot Camp for the Brain

Today's soldiers undergo mental training, which is just as important as their physical training. Both soldiers and athletes need clear minds to make...

By: Dustin Brady

Develop Mental Toughness: Lessons From Plebe Summer

At the U.S. Naval Academy, every first-year midshipman (plebe) undergoes six weeks of intense training. During "Plebe Summer," plebes are broken dow...

By: Dustin Brady