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3 Mistakes Recruits Make Preparing for Boot Camp

As a former active Marine and a trainer with experience preparing dozens of recruits for boot camp, I've seen recruits make the same mistakes over...

By: Chris DuBois

3 Keys to Losing Weight for Boot Camp

Most of today's recruits need to drop a few pounds before entering boot camp. Although recruiting offices offer fitness programs for recruits trying...

By: Chris DuBois

Experience Life in the Marine Corps Through New Website

Ever wondered whether a future in the Marine Corps might be right for you? The Marines' new website,, makes finding out easier than ever. ...

By: Dustin Brady

How JJ and His Buckle Can Help You Become a Stronger Leader

To most people, the phrase, "J.J. did tie buckle" is gibberish. To Marine officers, it means everything. "JJ DID TIE BUCKLE" is a mneumonic dev...

By: Dustin Brady

Ace the Marines' Physical Fitness Test: Do More Pull-Ups

For many recruits considering the U.S. Marine Corps., one obstacle looms above all others: the Pull-Up. In the Marines, every soldier must take the ...

By: Dustin Brady