Josh Allen Threw a 66.14 mph Pass at the Senior Bowl. No QB at the NFL Combine has Ever Exceeded 60

Allen has flaws, but his raw tools are dazzling.

When you look at Josh Allen's stats from his final season at the University of Wyoming, there's nothing that screams "first-round draft pick." He ranked 82nd in the FBS in passing yards, 82nd in passer efficiency and 95th in completion percentage. How then, can Allen be in the same conversation as a prospect like Baker Mayfield, who finished 2nd, 1st and 1st in those categories, respectively?

Well, Allen has some tools that just can't be taught—namely size, athleticism and arm strength. Of those three traits, his arm strength is perhaps most impressive. At this week's Senior Bowl, one of Allen's throws was clocked at a preposterous 66.14 mph. How fast is that? No throw at the NFL Combine has ever been clocked at faster than 60. Proportionally, that's like an MLB prospect throwing a 110 mph fastball. Just look at how the ball seemingly teleports out of Allen's hands and into his receivers mitts on this touchdown strike:

One anonymous NFL executive told Allen has a stronger arm than Ben Roethlisberger. Bleacher Report NFL Draft analyst Matt Miller says Allen has the strongest arm he's ever seen. His physical tools are out of this world, but Allen has some major flaws as a quarterback prospect—namely, accuracy and decision-making.

Allen has already become one of the most polarizing prospects in NFL Draft history, and that debate will only grow hotter as we draw closer to draft day.

Photo Credit: Steven Branscombe/Getty Images